A new chapter

Right now, I am sitting in my little apartment in Kyoto, Japan. I am going to live here for 6 months. Crazy, right? It is still hard to believe, but it’s true. Again, so far away from home, for such a long time. Perhaps some of you might wonder why exactly Japan and why not for just a few weeks.

My trip through South- East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji is already one year ago. I can’t believe how time just flies. But during this year so much happened. A new chapter began. Actually, I never expected that I will come to Asia again so soon and for a such a long period of time. I thought I will be studying somewhere in Germany, going home every weekend, doing sports and travel a bit during my holidays. But everything came different.



Instead of studying International Business in Germany I decided to go in a hospitality school in Switzerland. And that’s one of the best choices I could have made. Last year in September 2018 I started my first semester and it was just incredible. I had so much fun, learned a lot about the hospitality industry, worked together with the best chefs, sommeliers and instructors and met the best people on earth.


On weekends we explored together Milano, Strasbourg, Lausanne, Geneva, Montreux, Bern and Paris. We worked together, ate together, travelled together, chilled together and just became like a family. Therefore, it was super hard to leave this place for the second internship. And now I´m here, in Japan.

In our second semester everyone has to do an internship for 24 weeks in one of the best hotels in the world. Every student needed to apply to different 5-star hotels, in order to get an internship. Hotels are situated all around the world. Therefore, we had just thousands of opportunities. Do I want to stay in Europe, or should I take the opportunity to go abroad? Hard decision with lots of different factors we needed to consider.

If you want to go to Zurich, you need to speak German fluently and you need to own a European passport. In Paris you have to speak fluent French. In Beijing it is definitely an advantage to speak Mandarin, you need a Visa to enter China and the culture is just completely different. In Dubai, you get paid monthly and you need to work 6 days a week, but they provide you the accommodation, the food, such as your flight, which no other hotels are doing. As you can see, just a super difficult decision to make.


Last but not least I decided to go to Japan. I just love Asia, I’ve never been to Japan before, it is hard to get a visa for 6 months when you don’t have a school or a hotel who supports you and it’s just a unique opportunity to experience a completely different culture. Everyone is raving about the Japanese culture, the food, the people and the nature. And when do you ever get the opportunity to work at the other side of the world? And now I´m already 1,5 weeks here.

I wasn’t sure if I should start writing blogs again, because I am not here to travel. I don’t know if I will have the time to write regularly blogs and I don’t know if there is always something new and exciting to write about. But it is just a good opportunity for me to think about my time here, to keep the memories and experiences forever and to share with my family, my friends and who ever is interested how it is to live, work and hopefully travel here, as a European in Japan.

In comparison with my blogs before, I decided to write them in English. Most of my friends just don’t speak German and I believe all of my German friends do speak English. Furthermore, I can practise and improve my English a bit more. Hopefully!

So, let’s see what the next 6 months will bring. I am still excited and can’t wait what I will experience and learn at the other side of the world.


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