Magical place

Day 3 in Tokyo and therefore the last one showed me what I really love about the city and what bothers me here.

One thing I really wanted to visit is the TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum. I know, museum sounds always a bit boring and I am normally not the biggest fan of them. But this Digital Art Museum is just completely different and unique. I saw many pictures on Instagram and I was so impressed that I just needed to go. You have to book your ticket in advance, that’s why I already booked it a few days before I came to Japan. TeamLab borderless is the newest Museum in Tokyo, so popular on social media and therefore mostly crowded.

I wanted to be there around 10am, to be one of the first visitors, but the subway made me crazy. One problem about the subway is, that many sighs are not written in English. Japanese only! The other problem is, that Tokyo doesn’t just have the subway. The other train is called JR line. Depending on where you go, the subway or the JR train is driving. I bought just the subway ticket, because I thought that you can go everywhere with the metro, which is normal in cities. But no! After I changed a couple of times the métro I needed to change to the JR line. I purchased a different ticket and tried to ask some people, who were working there, for help. But of course, they couldn’t speak a word English.

After a while I made it to my final destination. The entrance supposed to be 20 min away from the exit. I went all the way long in hope to find something to eat before I enter the museum, but this district was completely different than all other districts in Tokyo.

I couldn’t find something to eat, neither the entrance of the museum. I was so confused and unsure if I am really at the right place. I excepted lots of people that I just need to follow, but I saw no one except one girl, searching for the entrance as well. I just followed her and found it. Finally!

Now I knew where all the people have been. I stood a while in the queue, before I could enter the Digital Art Museum, but it could have been worse. It was definitely good to come here quite early in the morning.


The first step into the main room was amazing. Omg! It looked just incredible. All the different colours, lights and designs. Just how I saw it on social media, but better! The whole atmosphere is wonderful. The calm music, the dark room, the amazing lights. It felt like you are somewhere else, on a different planet.

At the beginning there weren’t that many people, but you could feel that every 15 minutes it got more and more crowded, which wasn’t that nice.

One thing, which I didn’t like so much, was that there wasn’t any maps or signs, in which direction you have to walk. Therefore, you just walked sometimes in a circle and perhaps missed some hidden rooms. I ended probably 20 times in the same room, and my orientation is normally quite good. But in here you don’t have a chance.


On the other side you never knew what you will see in the next area. It was always a surprise which effects and atmosphere you will experience next.


I loved the crystal world, as well as the forest of resonating lamps. You couldn’t spend much time there, I think it was just 2 minutes or so, but it was magical.

Around 1pm I left the museum. I was starving and wanted to meet Yura at Tokyo Station for lunch. I needed to change the subway 5 or 6 times. So annoying, but after an hour I arrived at Tokyo station. But you have no idea how big this station is. Unbelievable. I wanted to find T´s Tantan, a ramen shop, but I was lost. It wasn’t possible to find it. After I asked at the information desk, she gave me a huge map of the train station and showed me the way I need to go. So complicated, but I found it and met Yura there.


Because ramen is a noodle soup, based on pork or beef broth and always topped with meat, I wouldn’t normally eat it. That’s why I really wanted to go to T´s Tantan, that supposed to make the best vegetarian Ramen in Tokyo. And omg! It was sooo delicious. I took the black sesame ramen. I wished I could eat here every week. It was definitely worth it to come and find this place. Even Yura, a local Japanese girl, loved it.


Together we went to the Imperial Palace which was near the Station. Unfortunately, you couldn’t enter it at this period of the day. They open just on two specific times per day.


Afterwards we headed to the Tokyo Tower. I wanted to go to a park near Shinjuku, but it was already closed. Because I haven’t seen the tower right in front of me, just from the view deck at my first day, we decided to go there. Yura and me went to the top and saw the city by day time. I actually preferred the view from the tower at Rappongi, but it was still nice to see. Afterwards, we just talked and chilled together.


Around 6pm I headed to Shibuya. I really wanted to see the pedestrian scramble by night and from the top. Yura needed to leave anyway. Right on the other side of the pedestrian scramble is a Starbucks. On the first floor you have the best view over the crazy crossing. So sooo many people at the same time. Crazy and unbelievable. Because it was rush hour there were even more people. I just sat there for couple of minutes and watched the theatre.


After Shibuya I went to Shinjuku, where I met Taka, Gyulee, Cherry and Su for dinner. I really wanted to meet them here before I leave Tokyo. It was a real “Glion” dinner. We ate Sushi together and it was again, super good. I think you can go here everywhere to eat, and you get always delicious and high-quality food.

It was quite late when we left the restaurant, but it was super nice to see them. I took the subway again back to my hostel. Su and Gyulee needed to go shopping again. Their apartment is literally empty. No bed, no mattress, no kitchen utensils, just nothing. I hope my apartment has a few things more to offer. Cherry took the subway as well. It was so funny when we all wrote each other that we took the wrong metro, that we left the subway on the wrong stop or that we just don’t know where we are right now. I can say, the subway in Tokyo is just confusing, even for the locals.

All in all, the day was very diverse and exciting. I saw amazing art, ate delicious food, met my friends and saw some more spots of Tokyo. But the fact that Tokyo is so big and sometimes just confusing for foreigners is perhaps a negative aspect. For some people the mass of people, especially during the rush hour in the subway or on popular streets could be a problem as well. I don`t mind, to be honest. I always felt safe, which is not the case in every city I´ve been. That´s what I love about Tokyo. Safety, craziness, food, traditions and the people!

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