A rollercoaster ride

The last few days and weeks were a rollercoaster ride. I don’t know where to begin. From crying at work, going to the doctor, taking antibiotics to visiting new places, seeing beautiful Sakura trees and changing to the breakfast shift. Many things happened. And I don’t really know where to start.

I don’t want to go into detail, but a week ago, I felt really bad, which made working the whole day horrible. I couldn’t sleep. Therefore, I was very exhausted and my mood on the bottom. I didn’t know what to do. I was just very annoyed that it has to happen here, where I don’t have my doctor, medicine or my family taking care of me. Everyone who knows me knows, that I normally never take any kind of medicine or that I am going to the doctor because of every little issue. I just always think that my body is going to manage it on his own. And I hoped this time as well. In fact, I was just afraid to go to the doctor, when I don’t speak the national language. I don’t even have a Japanese insurance, which makes everything even more complicated. Nevertheless, my parents convinced me after a call to go. Of course, it was Sunday and the office were closed. On Monday I had my exam. Therefore, I needed to wait until Tuesday. I was really happy that I survived until this time. One instructor from the hotel made an appointment for me, because I obviously can’t make a call in Japan and they wouldn’t understand me anyway.



After I went to pick up my Japanese credit card at the post office I went to the doctor. Everyone was really nice and tried to explain me what the issue was. At the Pharmacy they gave me antibiotics and translated me through Google Translator how many times and when I needed to take them. I was just extremely happy and relieved that I went and got the antibiotics. I felt after already after a few days so much better!


On the same day I went for a walk and discovered the shopping street Teramachi. I was really surprised to see all the different shops and food options. There were so many tourists as well. You can see that the high season is starting!


I walked all the way down until I reached Nishiki market again, which is even more crowded than all the other streets. But it is always fun and so cool to see what kind of specialities they sell. The food is amazing, sometimes weird, but that’s just the different culture.



The last day, when I was off, I visited Nijo Castle. The weather was crazy. It was sunny, then cloudy, windy, then raining. Just super weird. But Nijo Castle is definitely worth a visit. It was very pretty to see all the temples and the beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, one temple was under construction and most of the cherry blossom trees aren’t blooming yet. Nevertheless, I could already find some stunning trees. So beautiful!

On April 1stI started to work for breakfast. I have to wake up every day at 5am. Working so early has his advantages and disadvantages. I really enjoy working with so many other interns together and the work is much more diverse and challenging than at the dinner shift. Furthermore, I am done in the afternoon and have the evening to relax. Nevertheless, it is much more stressful, busy and the working hours are always longer than in the evening. The last days I worked from 6am to 4:30pm. I fell asleep at 19:30 to 20:30, because I was just so exhausted and tired.



Moreover, I payed my first electricity bill in a regular convenient store, called konbini here. So weird. But it works!
I also received a parcel from my family. I am so glad and happy that it didn’t get lost. I am missing lots of things from home that I can’t get here. But I have to get used to it.

Something I wasn’t that happy to receive was the email from school. We need to do an online course during our internship, which includes writing essays and forums to certain topics. In order to pass and to get a good grade it is very important that I don’t miss any deadlines. I just need to find the time after work to write all these posts.

I think that’s it so far. A really short overview what happened the last days or weeks. I really want to explore more things here. Sakura season is starting, and I can’t wait to see the beauty of nature.

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