Creating a Wow story

Creating wow-stories is necessary when working at The Ritz Carlton. There are legendary and essential wows you can create. The legendary wow stories are very difficult to create and happen mostly just once in a life time. You have to put a lot of effort in it and you have to know the guest very well in order to come up with something they will never forget.

The essential one’s should happen on a daily basis. It is just a little, unexpected gesture for our guests, which makes them happy and create memories they connect to the hotel brand.

I made already 3 little wow-stories at the restaurant I am working in. To see an example of a little wow story, I am going to share one of them with you.


I had a really special relationship to Family X. On the 16thof April, the receptionist of La Locanda came to me, because there were two German children at the entrance without their parents. Because they couldn’t speak English, I came to translate and help them. It was so lovely when I first met them. They couldn’t stop speaking with me about their Japan trip. The two kids loved the Universal studios in Osaka, and they can’t wait to go to Disneyland in Tokyo for Mathilda’s birthday. Mathilda and Leopold shared their whole life story with me. They were really happy to have someone they could speak German with.

Half an hour later their parents came to join them for breakfast. We had an amazing conversation. The family was very interested about my life here in Japan. Furthermore, they were very open-minded, shared lots of experiences and recommendations with me and appreciated the personal service I gave them.

Because the German family stayed at the Ritz Carlton Kyoto almost a week, I saw them every morning. Therefore, I knew all their preferences. Mr. X always drank black coffee, where else Mrs. X ordered every morning a double shot Cappuccino. I always provided the whole family sparkling water, because I knew they would ask for it. Furthermore Mrs. X loves Egg Benedict with salmon instead of ham, which she ordered almost every day. Because I was aware of what they like, I could prepare and provide them what they love without even asking them.

The parents really trusted me and let their kids come earlier to breakfast then they did. They knew that I would be there to take care of them. I was looking forward to seeing them every morning as well and to hear what they experienced the past day.

At the 20thof April Family X checked out and headed to Tokyo. I recommended them a very nice museum, which I visited when I went to Tokyo. I knew that the kids and the parents would love it. The family was amazed by the pictures they saw online and booked immediately the tickets.

Furthermore, I wrote them a letter and prepared their favourite snacks for the Shinkansen ride to Tokyo. When I gave them the little present, they were so happy and grateful. I could see that just a little gesture can make a huge effect. Mathilda and Leopold asked me if I could come with them to Tokyo and if we can see us again back in Germany. So lovely! I felt like a big sister for them.

At the end we all took a picture together, which my supervisor printed out for me. I delivered the picture to the Front Office, so that they could give them the picture during the check out. I think it is a very nice memory, for them and for me. It was very sad when they left, but I am glad that I met such a nice family and that I made them happy during their stay at The Ritz Carlton Kyoto.

That is just one example of what a little wow story can look like. Even if there are just little gestures, we show that we care for our guests. An easy way to make them happy!


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