Beautiful gardens and heavy rain

The past few weeks were pretty stressful. That’s why I didn’t have time to write new blogs. It happened a lot. I don’t even know where to start and if I even remember everything I want to share, but today, on my day off, I decided to stay in my bed, watch YouTube and write my new blog posts. So, where do I start.

The weather in Kyoto and general in Japan is really weird. It is summer. here, but it feels more like the rainy season in South East Asia. It is raining a lot and therefore the air is so humid, sticky, heavy and just depressive. Some days are nice and sunny, but most of the time I have to work on these days anyway. Kyoto is surrounded by hills and mountain. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the weather is not as great as somewhere at the coast. But well! It could be always worse.

On my day off I didn’t want to make a big trip. I decided to stay in Kyoto. There is not much to do here anymore for me. It feels like I visited already almost every corner of this city. But one place I haven’t visited yet is Tofuku-ji Temple. I know, I already visited hundreds of temples, but in Kyoto there is actually not much else to do besides eating Japanese food and visiting temples or shrines.



I chilled the morning in my room and headed to Tofuku-ji station at noon time. I walked along the Kamogawa River to Sanjo station. I love the river here. It’s nice to have something that connects the whole city, gives some orientation and creates a little space in a city.


I arrived at the station and made my way to Tofuku-ji Temple. I walked around 15 minutes until I reached the temple area. One nice thing about living in Kyoto is, that you have the opportunity and the time to visit even the places which aren’t that touristy and popular. There are so many nice and hidden places around which you don’t get to see when travelling as a tourist with a limited amount of time. Tofuku-ji Temple is one of those places. I didn’t go inside the actual temple, but I decided to visit the garden instead. I actually prefer the temple gardens, because you are surrounded by nature and the temple. I went already inside many temples and at the end it is always quite the same.


The garden itself was really special and super beautiful. The location is extremely peaceful and seems like in the middle of nowhere. It’s a nice place just to relax and think.


Afterwards I made a little break next to the temples. I wasn’t the most energetic person on that day. The work the past days were pretty tough and exhausting. I should probably just stay at “home” on my days off instead of running through whole Kyoto. I was thinking of heading already back, but because I was already here, I decided to walk further to Sennyu-ji Temple. That was probably the worst idea I had.


It started raining like hell when I arrived after a 20 minutes’ walk. And furthermore, was the temple closed today. Yay! Perfect. The rain was as heavy as I’ve never experienced it here before and it didn’t seem to stop. I was in the middle of nowhere, without any bus stop or subway station. Such a shit! I decided to walk to the temple and stand under the roof until it would get better.


After a while I made my way back to the main area, but instead of taking a bus home I walked to Sanjusangendo temple. Don’t ask me why. But I just wanted to see everything in this area, so I don’t have to come back another day. The temple was one of these temples you have to go inside. There is no other temple which has over 1000 buddha statues inside. It was so funny when I entered the temple and a Japanese guy explained in German to a tourist group about the history of these buddha statues. You aren’t allowed to take any pictures, but it was pretty impressive.


Afterwards I walked a little bit around the actual temple, then back to the river and took the next subway back home. I was glad when I made it. I cooked myself dinner and just chilled the rest of the evening in my room.

My mum and my sister arrived this day in Tokyo. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see them soon here in Kyoto. I searched already for so many places that I wanted to show them. At least there was something I was looking forward too. I just couldn’t wait!


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