Personal guide through Kyoto

Our first full day together in Kyoto. I made a lot of plans what I want to experience with my family. I just wanted to show them the must-see places in Kyoto. Probably the most iconic place is Fushimi Inari Taisha. If you saw this shrine, you don’t need to see any other. It is such a special place, that I really wanted to visit with them together. I could convince my mum and my sister to start earlier then they usually do, because I know how crowded this place is going to be from 9 or 10 o’ clock. Therefore, I picked them up at 7:30 in front of their hotel.



We took the subway to Sanjo Station and from there to Fushimi Inari. We decided to buy the IC cards for my mum and my sister, because it’s just the easiest way to take public transportations. If bus, train, subway or even convenient stores, the IC cards works everywhere in Japan and all the time.




Fushimi Inari was very impressive. It was a good idea to come early in the morning. We walked all the way up, which was quite exhausting, but a nice thing to do. To walk through 1001 red torii gates is extremely special and unique. Definitely a must do when in Kyoto. On our way back we made a little break at the Vermillion café, which is a super cute little café shop with a small terrace outside. We drank Japanese iced green tea and a coke as a refresher.


When we walked back to the main shrine, we were so surprised on the amount of people who were there. Unbelievable, so many school classes and tourists! Good that we were already on our way to the next spot! We walked through the street food alley to the station and took the train to Kyoto station. We changed there to the JR line and made our way to Arashiyama.


Arashiyama is one of my favourite areas in Kyoto. Such a different vibe and far apart from the city. I really like it there. We walked from the station directly to Tenryu-ji Temple. That was the first temple I have visited in Kyoto. The garden is super beautiful and definitely worth a visit. I wouldn’t recommend buying the combo ticket for the temple and the garden. The garden ticket is more than enough. You can still see in the temple. You just can’t walk on the tatami!



From Tenryu-ji Temple we walked to the river and from there to our lunch location. I wanted to go somewhere special and this location was definitely unique. We walked along the river until the way ended. From there, we walked a small way in the forest until we reached an extremely hidden place in the middle of trees. Alone the atmosphere was already so secret. Because Arashiyama is popular for the monk and tofu cuisine, I wanted them to try this cuisine. It is not the cheapest food you can get, but the food in Kyoto is in general extremely expensive. But here it’s the whole experience, the location and the food you are paying for. We were so lucky to get a seat without reservation.


First, I wasn’t sure if my mum and my sister would like the exquisite cuisine. We got many courses with things we’ve never seen before. I am definitely more open minded to new foods then they are, juts because I travelled already to so many places with different cuisines. Nevertheless, I was positively surprised that they tried and liked quite everything they served us. Alone the presentation of the small little dishes was amazing. Additionally, you have the experience of sitting on a tatami floor on low tables. It couldn’t have been more traditional. The staff was very friendly as well and every dish had a little story behind it. They called the cuisine also “kyo-ryori” which means its Kyoto cuisine and that they are using just seasonal products. It was an experience!


In addition, we had the best timing! It just started raining so badly when we started our lunch and it stopped when we were finished. We almost spent 2 hours there.From there we walked through the forest to the Bamboo forest. There were quite a lot of people. Therefore, it wasn’t as nice as on my first visit with Elle. Nevertheless, it’s always an impressive place!


It was already around 4 pm, but we decided to make our way to Kinkaku-ji temple before heading home. We took the traditional, old, Japanese train to Ninnaji temple, where we changed to the bus which took us directly to Kinkaku-ji. To be honest, I didn’t like the Kinkaku-ji temple so much on my first visit. When researching about Kyoto, that’s probably the most popular attraction. But I didn’t find it that special. This time on the other hand, I really liked it! The golden temple looked stunning!


From Kinkaku-ji we took a bus back to the city centre. We were all quite tired and exhausted, but we knew when we would go directly to the hotel, we wouldn’t go out again for dinner. We didn’t want something special or big. But what is probably the most known Japanese food everywhere in the world? Yap! It’s Sushi! The Sushi here is not comparable to Europe. 100 times better than that. You can go eat Sushi extremely expensive, but also super cheap. One place I heard good things about is Musashi and that’s the place we went.

I love the concept of sitting on a counter, seeing how the Sushi is made, trying as many different kinds of Sushi as you like, getting green tea for free and paying by the amount of plates you have in front of you. So quick, simple, cheap and delicious. Just a genius idea! We all loved it a lot!

From Musashi Sushi we went back to the hotel, chilled and watched a movie together. But then it was time for me to go back to my place to sleep. It was a lovely day! And I couldn’t wait for the next day together!


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