Dotonbori Food Tour

I think I never slept so good in Japan before! But I was actually so tired, that I could have slept everywhere like a baby. Nevertheless, it was nice to wake up in a hotel room instead of my room in Kyoto. We didn’t make any plans yet for this day. Therefore, we weren’t in a rush.

Later, we decided to go to Osaka castle and afterwards to Kobe. But because we passed by the Osaka train station, we decided to go to Kobe first. Kobe is well known for the high-quality wagyu beef. You can find it all over Japan, but especially the Kobe beef is famous. Otherwise, there is not so much to do in this city, besides going to the harbour. And that’s what we did.


After a 30-40 minutes train ride, we walked through some shopping streets, China town and ended up at the harbour. The weather was kind of weird. So humid! But we were happy that it didn’t rain. Not all shops, as well as the street food stands in Chinatown were open yet. It was still quite early.


Because we didn’t eat breakfast yet, we went to a really nice place at the harbour. Unfortunately, they didn’t serve Acai or Muesli bowls in the morning. Such a shame. Nevertheless, we all found something delicious. The atmosphere, concept and decoration in the restaurant were really nice and special. It was all under a beach, surfing theme. In the middle there was a little buffet, where we could take some pastries.

We talked about what we should do next. There was the option to discover Kobe a bit more, but there weren’t actually so much other things to see. Another option would have been to go further until Himeji, to visit the big castle. But to be honest, we were all not in the mood to make the biggest trip. Therefore, we headed back to Osaka and visited the castle there.



When you follow all my blogs, you probably know that I already visited Osaka castle. It’s a nice place to be and a good option to escape a little from the big city. My mum and my sister really liked it there. We spend quite a while in the castle park, just relaxing and drinking a coke and iced green tea. It was already around 3:30 to 4 pm when we decided to visit the Shinsekai area. It was nice for me to go somewhere; I haven’t been before either.


Tsutenkaku tower is the centre of the Shinsekai area. The main street reminded me of the Dotonbori district. It was fun walking through the streets and seeing all the different restaurants and shops with their 3D sculptures in front. It was a completely different vibe to the castle park or Kobe. Just fun!


From there we decided to walk to the Dotonbori district. On the way, we passed by Kuromon Ichiban Market. I was so glad that we discovered the market hall. It was actually pretty big. You can compare it a little bit to Nishiki market, but it is definitely less crowded. They sell extremely fresh seafood, but of course especially the Kobe beef. It is definitely a good place to try the beef, without paying too much, like in a restaurant.


After seeing all the different food options, we got a little hungry. But which place could be better for food in Osaka than Dotonbori? There is no better place. So many different food options and most of them typical for Osaka. We did a little food tour, so we could try many different kinds of things. Kushikatsu is one famous dish in Osaka. It is basically fried skewers, which you can only dip once in the sauce! That’s a rule, Japanese take very seriously. There are many restaurants, but also some street food stands, where you can have a try. Because you can basically fry every kinds of food, there are many types of Kushikatsu. We ordered the most popular items, which are Shrimps and Cheese.


Next, we tried Osakas most famous Streetfood all over Japan, Takoyaki! Takoyaki are these little balls, which you will see 100% for sure on street food markets. It is fascinating seeing how the Takoyaki are made. All the shops with a big 3D octopus in front are selling Takoyaki. The original Takoyaki is similar to Okonomiyaki. It is a pancake batter, which is filled with Tempura, Squid, etc. On top of the little balls they put a special sweet – savoury sauce, Mayonnaise and dried fish flakes. It is so good and extremely filling! There are also some variations with Ham and Cheese, etc. We all really liked it!


We walked around little, traditional streets, the busy river side, as well as in the shopping/ food alleys. My sister really wanted to try some Onigiri and I got delicious grilled scallops. It was all so good, but definitely not cheap! In Southeast Asia the food and especially the street food is so cheap, but so good. I wished it would be the same here.


Finally, we ended up at a Thai restaurant right next to the little river. We ordered some Green Curry and a typical dessert. It was so nice to sit outside in the evening, next to the river. It almost felt like holidays!

We took the subway back to our hotel. The time was passing so fast with my family. I wished I would feel the same way when I am just working!



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