Kimono-rental in Kyoto

It is not much time left, until I go back home and leave Japan behind. It’s weird! So many mixed feelings and emotions when a chapter of your life ends and a new one begins. I did and explored Japan a lot during my time here. But there is something that I haven’t done yet. I couldn’t leave Kyoto without wearing a traditional Kimono/ Yukata. Since my first days in Kyoto I see every day ladies wearing the traditional Japanese clothing. If tourists, real Geishas or some colleagues at work. It is worn all over Japan, but there is no better place to have a Kimono experience than in Kyoto.


It wasn’t that easy to organize a kimono day with some of my friends here. We are never off on the same day and many already rent a kimono for day. Therefore, I was even happier that we made it happen. Brittany, Nadine and I were all free for the day. We met each other at 9am for breakfast. Japan is famous for the food! I definitely had a whole list with things that I have to try during my time here. I ate a lot of things that I have never had before. But in general, Japan is not famous for their breakfast. Japanese usually eat savoury breakfast, which always includes rice, egg, soup, fish, pickled vegetables, etc. Not a common thing to eat for breakfast as a foreigner. But there was one thing still on my list, which I had to try before going back home. Japanese pancakes! Not a typical breakfast for Japanese, but that day we didn’t want anything else.


Japanese pancakes are the most fluffy, soft and light pancakes in the world! At the moment there is a huge hype on social media, where everyone is eating and baking those jiggly stunning looking pastries. Originally, they are coming from Osaka, as well as the Japanese jiggly cheesecake. But there are all over Japan places where you can eat these pancakes. We decided to go to Micasadeco&Café.

We were the first once coming inside this beautiful place. It was a mixture of a traditional Japanese house and a very modern looking café. Amazing! We had a seat right next to a beautiful Japanese garden. Nadine ordered the ricotta pancakes with ice cream, where else Brittany decided to get the egg benedict with salmon roe. I picked the matcha pancakes. The presentation was so beautiful, that we couldn’t stop making pictures. It looked just picture perfect and too good to be real. I didn’t even want to destroy it, but I am glad that I did. So delicious! I didn’t expect it to taste that good, but it did! For sure the best breakfast that I have had in Japan so far. I was so full after that meal. Full, but happy!


Afterwards we made our way to a Kimono/ Yukata Rental shop. We decided to go for Yukata, instead of Kimono. Yukata is just the summer version of a Kimono. Not so many layers and a more comfortable light material! Definitely the better choice for a hot day like this. We decided what colour and design we would like to have, as well as the accessories. Because of my height, I didn’t have as much choices as the others, but I found one that I really liked. It was too funny when we all got dressed next to each other. Because we all look so different anyway, it was hilarious to see us in those clothes. I felt like a typical tourist.


After we got dressed some ladies made our hair. We could choose from different hair stylings. The ladies made amazing hair styles in such a short amount of time. I was really impressed and super happy with the end result. I never do anything special with my hair. Therefore, it was even more special and surprising for me. Then, our journey started for real. We decided to take a bus to the hotel to say everyone hello. They were all so surprised to see us. But it was really nice!



From the Ritz Carlton we walked all the way to Gion and further to the Higashiyama district. It was incredible hot and humid, but I have to say that we were really lucky with the weather. It didn’t rain! After a while walking through the little streets and wandering around those cute shops, we decided to have a break in a coffee. There, I tried my first-time shaved ice, which is super popular all over Asia. Really refreshing and light. I liked it!


Afterwards we walked to Kiyomizudera temple, where we got interviewed again from a school class. We made so many pictures! It’s probably the last time that I will be here.


Then, we headed back through the Higashiyama district, where we looked through some shops and tried some Japanese snacks I never ate before. Afterwards we came to the Kamogawa river and walked straight to the Kimono rental shop. We made many pictures and had a lot of fun. It was already 5pm when we got back. We couldn’t wait to take those clothes off. We were just sweating as hell.  Nevertheless, it was such a fun experience and definitely recommended from my side. I would have regret it, if I wouldn’t have done it. It’s just part of being in Kyoto!

I took the bus back home, bought some food, cooked dinner and just chilled the rest of the evening. A perfect day!

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