On top of the world

Day 3 – Dubai


Day 3 in Dubai and still so many things we haven’t seen yet. The day started again with a big big breakfast. The weather was not as good as the days before. It was just cloudy and too windy and cold for laying on the beach. Therefore, we decided to visit the famous Dubai Mall.


As the day before, we took the subway directly to Dubai Mall. The Mall is much bigger than I have expected. You could easily just spend the whole day shopping and eating. But that’s not all. Want to go ice skating? No problem. Just the imagination of going ice skating in a city close to the desert is insane. But in Dubai everything is possible. While wondering around the mall, we did not only discover fancy shops, but also very cool art and sculptures. My favourite was definitely the waterfall where people seemed to jump of.


Then we obviously needed to go to the Dubai Aquarium and under water zoo. There were so many people. Crazy! We had to wait quite a while, even though we purchased the tickets the day before online. When we finally managed to get in, we were well… kind of disappointed. The aquarium was actually only one tunnel. The glass was already quite damaged, and the amount of people just affected the entire experience negatively. The pictures you see online definitely don’t correspond to the reality. But I don’t want to complain. It was still very nice. It didn’t fulfil our expectations. The underwater zoo however was really nice. Nothing extremely special, but still good to see.


In the afternoon we planned to go up Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. I guess that’s on many people’s bucket list. We had to wait for quite a long time. It was incredibly hot and tiring.  At least we learned something about the history of Burj Khalifa and how long it took them to build the tallest building in the world. By the way, that was the first time we saw people wearing mask. In China, the virus was to that time already a big issue. However, there weren’t any cases in the Middle East yet and just a few cases in Europe.


Honestly, I don’t really know if it is actually worth it to wait for such a long time, just to go up the tower and see the view from there. It was definitely nice, but nothing very special. We were extremely lucky that the sun came out at that time. We had a nice view over at least one side of Dubai. And now we can say, that we literally stand on top of the world.


Afterwards we took a walk around the fountain area and Burk Khalifa. Now we finally saw the tall building from the outside. It really took out breath away. So stunning! We also had a look in Souk al Bahar, where we tried some traditional Arabic sweets.


For dinner we headed back inside the mall. I really wanted to eat some Chinese food today. It was actually quite funny. I didn’t realize that it was Chinese New Year’s Eve that day. Maybe I just had a feeling. The restaurant was called “New Shanghai”. Many Chinese families had their dinner here. The decoration inside and the entire atmosphere was lovely. You could even see the chefs making the dumplings fresh. Chinese food in Dubai is not that common as in Europe, America or Asia. People in the middle east usually don’t eat pork, which is why the food offerings are quite different here. We ordered so much delicious food. Some shrimp wontons in chili oil, delicious dim sum, sweet and sour fish, fried spinach and rice. I was super happy!


To end this day, we headed back outside where we watched the famous fountain show. It was incredibly beautiful and definitely the highlight of the day. One moment of our Dubai trip, that I will not forget. I can say without doubt, that visiting Dubai wouldn’t be complete without seeing Burj Khalifa and the mall!

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