Day 6 – Dubai

We already did a lot in the couple of days in Dubai. However, there were still two things on my To-Do List. The first thing was to visit the dunes of Dubai. However, we didn’t feel like doing a full day trip again. Therefore, the desert has to wait for us. One reason to come back. The second thing was to visit the Miracle Garden. And that’s what we did.


After a relaxed and amazing breakfast, we took a taxi to the Miracle Garden of Dubai. The Miracle Garden got my attention mainly due to Instagram. It seems to be a perfect place for making pictures. The garden is not open all year long, which is understandable. In the hot summer of Dubai, flower would definitely not survive. However, the season at that moment was just perfect for a visit. It took as around 20-30 min to reach the garden. And we were surprised positively, that there weren’t so many people around. We could immediately buy a ticket and enter the park.



Miracle Garden exceeded our expectations by far. We really didn’t think we would enjoy it that much, but it was just adorable and so detail oriented. I don’t think I have ever seen something comparable. The garden itself is not too big. Nevertheless, you can discover all the time something new. The tunnel made out of flower hearts was obviously the most iconic part of the garden. However, we liked every single flower sculpture. Visiting the Miracle Garden is a perfect excursion for the morning. It doesn’t take too much time to see the entire park. Therefore, we had still time to relax at the beach for the entire afternoon.



For dinner we checked out some restaurants near our hotel. We didn’t realize before that there were so many different restaurants and shops close bar. At the end we decided to eat at the Noodle House. The Noodle house offered different types of noodle dishes from Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Korea. I really enjoyed the food. Simple and delicious! Afterwards we walked along the beach promenade where we discovered a small souvenir market. And I thought that was it for today.

But unfortunately, it wasn’t. I got a quite shocking message from my friend that day, which turned my whole plan upside down. After Dubai, I was supposed to go to the Philippines with my Indonesian friend from uni. Due to the virus situation that got especially in Asia worse and worse, she decided to cancel the trip at the last minute. At that point of time I didn’t perceive the situation that serious. There were only 3 cases in the Philippines to that time. Furthermore, the Philippine government set up very strict rules for Chinese travellers to enter the Philippines. A whole plane was sent back to China.

I was just very confused and didn’t know what to do. We planned our trip already so many months before. First there was the volcano, which worried as a lot, now the virus. Maybe it just wasn’t the time for us to visit the Philippines. Nevertheless, we spent already so much money on the flights, the accommodations, boat trips and so on. It was such a shame. When I texted my Chinese friends in China, I was totally shocked about the situation they were going through at that moment. Obviously, they told me to go back to Europe. My mum already asked my brother to book a flight for the next day back home to Zurich. I still wasn’t sure. Should I go back home with my mum? Or take the risk and travel alone to the Philippines? I mean, I have travelled alone before. Nevertheless, I was prepared for a trip with my friend together. Furthermore, the Philippines are not really well known for travelling alone, especially as a girl. It is just not the safest country on earth! Oh god… I had to decide… then my flight was already tomorrow!

What would you have done?


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