Mission survive

Day 7 – Dubai

Our very last day in Dubai. The whole week went by so fast. We visited so many different places and made amazing memories. It definitely got never boring. I cannot really tell you anything exciting that we did for that day. We just enjoyed our last breakfast, packed our luggage, checked out and went to the beach.

Since the day before, I was just all the time thinking about what to do. That hasn’t changed. However, I made my decision. If it would be the right one? I was not sure. But finally, I decided to take the risk and travel for almost two weeks alone to the Philippines. Crazy? I know. But it wouldn’t have been me if I would have decided to fly back home and cancel the entire trip, which I spent already so much time, money and nerves on it.

I am not going to lie, of course I was a little nervous and had a weird feeling. I haven’t planned the trip like I did my world trip a few of years ago. Many things were still unclear. But I knew that I could do it. However, my whole mindset about the trip changed. I wasn’t that excited anymore, which was sad. I did not perceive it anymore as a holiday to relax, have fun and forget everything around me. At this point, it was just a challenge to me. Am I able to master this trip on the other side of the world alone? Will everything go alright so I can come safely and healthy back home as planned?

Obviously, my mum wasn’t that happy about my decision, I could tell. But she knew as well, that if I would have travelled back to Zurich with her, I would have been not happy either. I would have always asked myself, what if I would have taken the risk? Was it just a waste of money? On the other side, health and safety is always more important than anything else. It was a tricky decision. But I did, what I have to do.



We spent the entire day on the beach. The weather was perfect again. Afterwards, we were allowed to use the spa to take a shower and change clothes. The staff members at Rixos Premium were all very kind and helpful. It was sad to leave. Who knows when we will have the luxury again to stay in such a nice hotel again?


For dinner, we wanted something casual and quick. I discovered a Chinese restaurant called Chowking, which is actually a popular fast food chain in Asia. We ordered their specialty platter, a shrimp curry, some fried tofu, sautéed spinach and rice. It was more than enough, but actually pretty good for a fast food joint. We were both totally satisfied.

I tried like crazy that night to find a mask for my flight and travels to Asia, but even at that point they were all sold out. I was shocked? Already? In the Middle East, where no one was affected yet. But I just couldn’t find it, which made me worry. Therefore, we headed around 7:30 – 8pm to the airport. My flight was very late, before midnight. My mum’s flight was even later, at around 2am in the morning. We hoped we could check in together, but the luggage Drop-off for the Swiss counter wasn’t open yet. Therefore, we had to separate already, which was not the easiest thing.


When I passed the security check and passport control, I was still trying to search for a mask, but no chance. When I reached my terminal, I immediately felt that I was going to the Philippines. I was the only foreigner and two heads taller than everyone else. No joke! And everyone was wearing a mask, except me. I didn’t really feel that comfortable. In general, I was just in a strange mood. My mission? Just survive!

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