Filipino Hospitality

Day 8: Cebu

It was time to leave Coron and move to the last destination of this trip, Cebu! I was especially excited to finally go to Coron, as I had the opportunity to visit my friend from uni, Yasmine. It was actually quite a funny story. Yasmine and me, we never really talked or did anything together in school. We weren’t in the same class and just didn’t really got to know each other. However, when she realised I’ll come to the Philippines on my own, she invited me to come to her beach house and spent the time with her and her family. Freaking amazing! That’s what I call Glion hospitality and Philippine hospitality combined.


My flight from Cebu was at 11:45am. I went to the airport by a shuttle bus, which worked out perfectly. I was just a little scared flying to Cebu, as the pandemic warning and measures increased. That was actually the first time I was wearing a mask. At that time, it felt really extreme and kind of scary. Now, it already became part of our daily life. Due to my slightly heavier luggage, I had some issues at the check-in counter. Even though I had called, prior to departure, to upgrade my luggage, it was a bigger drama than expected and I had to pay extra. I almost died while waiting in queue. It was so incredibly hot under that mask, in an airport without air-conditioning on an island in the Philippines. But I survived. The airplanes were tiny! But the view we had was incredible. I just realised how many islands there actually were when seeing them from above. So beautiful!

When I arrived in Cebu, Yasmin and her dad picked me up. It was so nice, not to worry about anything. Even though travelling is one of the most amazing things in the world, it is always a little stressful, especially when you are on your own. Hence, I really appreciated and enjoyed that I did not have to think about transportation, accommodation, safety, attractions, food and so on.


From the airport, we headed straight to a restaurant at the port. There, I met one of their best friends and her baby. The baby was absolutely adorable. The food was super delicious too. I just felt so happy! Everyone was so friendly and relaxed! Afterwards, we went to a shopping centre to buy some groceries for dinner. She also let me try those amazing fries, the Philippines are famous for. Apparently, they are hard to find anywhere else. But I have to say, I never tried something similar! I also met her brother and his girlfriend there. It was just super cool to feel like being part of the real life.

Then, we all headed to the “famous” beach house, Yasmine was telling me about. The drive was longer than expected, but that didn’t bother me. We had a lot to talk. On the way, we picked up two of her dogs that just came from dog grooming. Soooo cute! We also stopped at a German shop to buy some bread, cheese and other good stuff. That was the last thing I expected here to find. A German shop in the middle of nowhere in the Philippines. Insane! Then, after around 2 hours, we arrived at the beach house. It was already dark, so I did not see too much of the property and its surroundings. But… man! It could image how incredible it is.



We went straight to the outdoor kitchen, where I met her mum and all of her dogs. Yasmine’s brother cooked for us potato gratin. We also made some bruschetta with the German bread we just bought. After dinner we headed to our chalet, got ready for bead and just chilled the rest of the evening. I was so happy to be here and excited for the next day!


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