Forgotten in Coron

Day 7: Coron

Hello everyone. I haven’t written a new blog post in quite a while. Semester 4 was quite stressful the past weeks. But now, all exams are done! Such a relief! Currently, I am back home in Germany and finally got some time to do other things than studying. But that’s not what this blog post is about. If you have followed my trip to the Philippines, you might have noticed that I haven’t told you the whole story. But that’s going to change now…

As if it happened yesterday, I can still remember that “Day 7” was quite a crazy day. To explore what Coron is really about, I’ve booked the day before the “Super Ultimate Boat Tour”. The trip supposed to start quite early, at 7:30am. That’s at least what I thought. Typically German, I was ready on time and waited for my driver at the reception. But that’s not how it works in the Philippines. If they say they will pick you up at 7:30am, you can be sure that you have to wait another 30min minimum. But this time, it was just really strange. Some other people waited with me to go on different types of boat tours. However, they all got picked up before me. It was almost 9am and I was still sitting at the reception, slightly worried. The receptionist kindly called the driver for me. And here he was, a couple of minutes later. Finally!


While he drove me to the port, I thought everything would work out now. But when we arrived, I realized that it wouldn’t. The driver couldn’t find the boat I supposed to be on, meaning they just forgot me! Great! At least I wasn’t the only one. Then a few minutes later, another family arrived who they forgot to pick up. That’s what I call an amazing service! Not… Nevertheless, they managed to organize a little speed boat, which was pretty cool. The driver gave his best and drove as quickly as possible to catch the other boats. We missed one snorkelling spot, but that didn’t bother me that much. At least I was on the boat now, with almost the whole day in front of me. But then, they asked me if I brought my snorkelling equipment and protection shoes. Of course I didn’t. Isn’t that supposed to be included in a “Super Ultimate Boat Tour”? Ridiculous! Luckily I became friends with the guide, who borrowed me his stuff. After forgetting me, that’s the least they could have done.



Our first stop was Kayangan Lake. After walking a small pathway up, we had an amazing view from the top. Absolutely beautiful. I feel like, no matter where you are, if in a city or island. Everything looks so much more amazing from the bird’s eye view. We came to the actual lake after we walked another few minutes downhill. The lake was really pretty. However, they were just too many people for me. Moreover, it was mandatory to wear a lifejacket, making it easy and safe to relax, but also quite annoying to swim. Nevertheless, I enjoyed swimming in Kayangan Lake. Especially the fact that the lake was obviously freshwater, even though the tiny island is surrounded entirely by saltwater, was impressive.


Afterwards, we headed to a beautiful Lagoon. If I remember correctly, the lagoon was called “Twin Lagoon”. I didn’t take any pictures, as we had to swim through a tunnel in order to reach the lagoon. The lagoon was really nice to swim in and relax. I spent most of the time talking to my tour guide. I think he felt bad that he has forgotten me earlier. Haha! But he was really nice, entertaining and insisted on taking pictures of me.


Next, we headed to “Beach 91”, our Lunch spot. But it wasn’t just a Lunch spot! The beach looked heavenly. The sand was so white and the water incredibly clear and crystal blue. Breath-taking! The food was delicious as well. It was completely differently organized than in El Nido. Here, they had big tables and a buffet prepared for all boat guests. The food choices were pretty similar. There were rice, noodles, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. After lunch, we had time to relax on the beach, paddle around with the Kayak on the sea and just enjoy the sun.

Then, we hopped back on the boat. Next, we had a snorkelling stop at Skeleton Wreck. The 25m long Japanese supply ship, that was hit by an airstrike during WWII by US airforce, now rests at a depth of 5m in Coron. That it is an extremely popular snorkelling spot was reflected in the number of tourists in the water. It was impressive to see the boat under water, however, my I preferred watching the schools of fish and underwater world.


Last but not least, we went to Luluyuan Lake. What can I say? It was again, a really pretty location, but nothing completely different to what we have seen before. The water was ice cold. Therefore, I didn’t have the courage to go for a swim. Nevertheless, I enjoyed just sitting by the lake, especially because we were the only group there at that time.


And then, it was time to head back. Even though I didn’t have the greatest start, I still enjoyed the boat tour around Coron. The nature is just beautiful. Coron has amazing lakes, lagoons, snorkelling spots and beaches. What’s there not to like. Nevertheless, my expectations of Coron were a little higher. Compared to El Nido, Coron promised to be much less crowded, with an even better scenery. I don’t think I can agree with that. Maybe it was less touristy and undiscovered in the past. But I would claim that Coron is and is going to be as popular as El Nido. I definitely didn’t regret coming to Coron and would still recommend to everyone! However, it is not the undiscovered island that one would dream of. Nevertheless, I also have to mention that there is much more to see and discover around Coron, that might fulfil those expectations.


For dinner, I passed by a small Korean restaurant and decided to give it a shot. I ordered Bimbimbap and Kimbap. Obviously, it couldn’t compare to the food I had in Seoul and Busan. Nevertheless, it was pretty tasty and totally filling. The rest of the evening, I had to pack my backpack again for my flight to Cebu, which I was super excited for. You wonder why? Stay tuned for my next blog post.


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