Goodbye Philippines

Day 11: Cebu

Last day! As expected, I slept pretty well after that long night. We had a very chilled morning in our room. After we packed everything and got ready, we headed to a Japanese restaurant to meet Yasmine’s dad for lunch. They already told me that it’s one of their favourite restaurants here. But I never expected it to be that amazing.


When we entered the restaurant, I felt like I was back in Japan. So authentic. I was really touched, because I just miss Japan so much. The waiters were so friendly, greeted us in Japanese and escorted us to our table. As it should be, we had to take of our shoes before sitting on the Tatami floor. We ordered some Japanese green tea, Miso soup, Rice, Sashimi and different types Sushi. They even had Unagi Nigiri. It was unbelievably fresh and delicious. Just like in Japan, just a lot cheaper. I couldn’t have had a better last lunch in the Philippines.


The rest of the day, we headed again to the shopping centre for some more beauty treatments. I am usually really not someone prioritizing those kinds of things, but it was definitely a nice experience. Moreover, considering the price difference to Europe, I just had to. I got my Eyebrows done, had a Massage and a Facial treatment. I couldn’t have been more relaxed for my long flight back home.


It was pretty sad when I had to say goodbye to Yasmine and her dad. I was and I am still so grateful and happy that they invited me to their home and spent the last days together with me in the Philippines. That’s when I realized how amazing it is to have friends all around the world, you can come visit and invite to your home. It is just something totally different compared to a traditional touristy trip. When I think back now, the first thing that comes in my mind are the few days I spent with them in Cebu, not the weeks I’ve been in El Nido or Coron. I wished I could go back immediately.


The traffic was terrible again. Therefore, I took an Uber quite early to the airport. I really couldn’t afford missing that flight. To be honest, I was a little scared flying back to Zurich. Don’t take me wrong. I flew already so many times in my life. That was definitely not the first time I flew such a long way alone. However, I was just concerned, as I had to change plane in Hong Kong. Many of my friends, living in Hong Kong and China in general, as well as my school, warned me to prevent going to and even transferring in mainland China. The Covid-19 pandemic was really at its highest point in China at that time. However, I didn’t have another choice. That was the only way I could go home. Luckily, I found some masks I could wear during the flight and transfer. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have felt safe at all.


My flight from Cebu departed at 20:05 o’clock. I had a really annoying German man sitting next to me, who ordered at least 10 cups of beer during the 2 hours flight. Not joking! He told me about his whole life story, which I was certainly not interested in. But well! At least I got some free entertainment. When I arrived in Hong Kong, I was definitely a little nervous. However, it wasn’t actually as bad. Our temperature got tested and we had to go through another security check. Otherwise, the airport seemed quite empty. Of course, everyone was wearing mask. And then, I had another 13 hours to go without actually breathing. It was pretty annoying and hot being under that mask for such a long time, but I didn’t dare taking it off. Everything went well!

Overall, I can say, that I definitely don’t regret that I travelled alone to the Philippines. I am a little proud of myself that I managed it by myself and that everything went as planned. Sometimes you have to be brave to get rewarded with an amazing memory. I would always go back, that’s for sure! So far, the Philippines is not my favourite country in this entire world. However, I am absolutely sure that I still haven’t seen the entire picture. The Philippines are so big, with so many beautiful islands. You could go there 10 times and you would still haven’t seen them all. What I enjoyed most is the relaxed lifestyle people have there. I feel like in Europe, and in many other parts of these world, we worry about so many things. The people in Southeast Asia enjoy their life, are happy about little things, so open-minded, relaxed and friendly. I will definitely be back!

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