Private Beach-House

Day 9: Cebu

I don’t think I have ever slept so good during this trip. There is definitely a difference between sleeping in a hostel with up to 11 other people and sleeping in a private chalet with your friend. I just did not have to worry about anything. So relaxing. I was really excited to see the surroundings. Then until now, I didn’t not really know where I actually was.



Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that nice. It was really humid and rainy, but it could have been worse. Apparently, there was a huge storm the last month. Therefore, I felt almost lucky it was just a little rainy and cloudy. It was still really warm. And that’s what counts. Yasmine showed me around the entire area. They are still working on turning the areal into a private resort. I couldn’t believe that I actually had the privilege to be here.


After my personal tour, we had some delicious breakfast. I can tell you guys, warmed up German bread with peanut butter and banana slices on top are the shit. Sooo good! We also prepared some watermelon and amazingly delicious mango, obviously from the Philippines.



The entire afternoon, we just walked around and chilled next to the pool with the most incredible view on the ocean. Later, we made some wraps and spotted turtles! I would have never believed that I would actually see sooo many turtles during this trip. It was just incredible. We stood there and watched out for them for such a long time. It didn’t get boring. Then, Yasmine and I went Kayaking to see them up close. It sounds so unreal when I think about it now. What a life!


Afterwards, we ate dinner all together. Everyone was there, her parents, her brother and his girlfriend. We chatted for so long and had such a nice evening. I was so glad to be there. A totally different experience to visit a friend, than to travel alone and do all the touristy things that backpackers usually do. I didn’t feel like a tourist anymore. It felt almost like being at home.

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