A Day To Remember

Day 10: Cebu

I couldn’t believe that my trip to the Philippines would be almost over. So sad! But this last full day,  was definitley one to remember.


We planned to see the sunrise today, as it supposes to be incredibly beautiful. Even though the weather was much better today, it wasn’t good enough to actually see anything. Nevertheless, we woke up early, put on swimwear and went immediately to the ocean for a swim. We really wanted to go snorkelling and see what’s out there. It was so beautiful and calm to just swim around and look at the underwater world. We saw many different kinds of fish, corrals, starfish and even a turtle. I have never expected that. It was something totally different compared to the snorkelling during a boat trip with hundreds of other tourists. It was just Yasmine and me there in the big big ocean. Just amazing!



After our morning swim, some pool time and breakfast, we took a shower, got changed and packed our luggage. Then for the last night, we planned to stay in an Airbnb in Cebu City. Yasmine’s dad drove us to the city. On the way, we passed by a local rice cake business. I’ ve never seen something like it before. So cool. There were a couple of stands right at the road, all baking and selling the same rice cake wrapped up in leaves. That’s a very typical breakfast and snack in the Philippines, because it’s delicious and very affordable. We bought a bunch of these warm coconut rice cakes and ate them straight away in the car. They were so delicious, but simple. Nothing I could compare it too.


The eating continued. It was definitely a day full of eating. Then when we arrived in Cebu City, we went to eat lunch at a Thai restaurant. We ordered some fresh spring rolls, Pad Thai, Samosas, Papaya Salad and more. It was really good! Afterwards, her dad left us and we both drove to the Airbnb. It was quite a struggle to arrive at our apartment, then the traffic around that time got worse and worse. There are just too many people and too less roads. That’s probably one of the biggest issues everywhere in Southeast Asia.


We didn’t have much time, so we just put our luggage in the room and headed back to the shopping centre. Yasmine made a nails appointment for both of us. We were so scared we would miss the appointment, but we just made it in time. It was such a cool experience. I have never ever let my nails being made before. But apparently, everything that’s related to beauty and wellness here is a must do when coming to the Philippines, because it’s in comparison to Europe ridiculously cheap. If I wouldn’t have been with her, I would have probably never even thought about getting my nails done. But I didn’t regret it at all. I felt like a little princess sitting there and getting pampered by those two ladies.


Afterwards Yasmine actually wanted to take me to the local street food market. But it was already quite late. Therefore, we just stayed in the shopping mall, ate a poke bowl and drank a fresh juice. I would have loved to see the local market and get to know the Filipino culture. But at least I have an excuse now to come back. The poke bowl was delicious too. I also got some snacks to bring home to my family. The dried mango is the best here. Basically, the entire supermarket is full of hundreds of different types and brands of dried mango.


From the mall, we headed to a friend of Yasmine and from there to a secret bar, where I met more of her friends. It was actually really cool, as they were many international people around. We played some games and had a drink before we headed to the next spot. There I met more and more of her friends. It seemed like everyone knows everyone here. It was super cool. Last but not least we headed to a roof top bar. The view and the atmosphere were amazing. The people were so friendly as well. I even met a half Filipino, half German guy, I could speak German with. It was so funny. We spent the whole night here. It was almost 5 am when we headed back to our Airbnb.

But the night couldn’t have ended before this little incident. Yasmine and I went to a small supermarket to get some water, as you obviously cannot drink the tap water here. I was so confused why the supermarket was still open in the middle of the night. There you can see the difference between Europe and Asia. So much more convenient. On our way to the car we both stepped, with our white sneakers, in this big cement pond. Great! It was too funny. Our whole shoes were just covered in wet cement. Before it could dry, we ran to the bathroom and tried to get rid of the mess. But those shoes were definitely not white anymore. Haha! What an end of the night!

We came back safely to the Airbnb and fell asleep immediately. My last night in the Philippines. The time went by so quickly!

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